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Paramount Tree Care provides area homes and businesses with professional tree services.  We offer complete tree care including trimming & pruning, complete tree removal, stump grinding, mulching, tree health care, and so much more!

A properly maintained tree can provide shade and comfort, allowing us to truly enjoy nature and what is has to offer. However, broken limbs and lack of care can take back what nature has provided. Proper pruning is essential in developing a tree with a strong structure and desirable form.  Allow your tree to breathe and add mulch! Paramount Tree Care is a fully insured company; we take pride in and enjoy our work. We are dedicated to making each property owner 100% satisfied.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Regular tree trimming is one of the most beneficial services you can provide not only for your trees, but your entire property. An improperly trimmed tree can suffer lasting damage which may even shorten its life. 

Benefits of tree trimming simplified:

  • Improves overall health of tree

  • Removes dead, dying, and diseased branches

  • Provides clearance for people  and property

  • Assists in structural development of young trees

  • Prevents storm damage breakage

  • Restores health and vitality to mature trees

Our tree trimming techniques:

  • Cleaning - we remove any dead, dying, diesased or weak branches

  • Thinning - Selectively remove branches to improve structure or increase light to canopy

  • Raising or Selective Pruning - the lower branches are removed to provide right-of-way clearance for walking underneath, driving vehicles, protecting windows, structures, etc.

  • Reduction - The size of the tree is reduced, often for power line clearance. This method is preferred over "topping," which is essentially cutting off most or all of the tree's top and generally has adverse health effects on it.

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Trimming & Pruning
Crew with down tree.jpg

Complete Tree Removal

Tree removal is a serious undertaking that requires the care and skill of professionals. The experts at Paramount Tree Care use the most up to date techniques and low impact equipment to ensure surrounding property is kept safe. We are fully insured and employ climbers who have been trained to handle dangerous tree situations. We have the machinery, experience, and staff to manage all of your tree care needs - including hazardous removals.

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

When a tree has to be removed for aesthetic and/or safety reasons, there's an unsightly stump left behind. Luckily, our stump removal experts can finish the job quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a more beautiful landscape. 


Proper stump removal requires training, experience, and proper equipment. Hiring professionals can save you hours of frustrating and inefficient work. 

Benefits of having your stump removed:

  • Grinding reduces the potential for unsightly sucker growth

  • It's an environmentally safe solution that doesn't require the use of harsh chemicals

  • Grinding stumps creates room for replanting near the area with new trees

  • If the tree that was removed was diseased, grinding prevents the further spread of disease to healthy trees, plants and shrubs

  • Exposed stumps can be a safety hazard

  • Stump chips can be reused as mulch, which can save you money on your garden

JP stump grinding.jpg
Stump Grinding
chip drop.jpg


Paramount Tree Care efficiently mulches all branches with our top of the line chipper machinery.  Mulch helps to regulate soil temperature to keep plant roots cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is especially important for new plants done in the fall as temperatures begin to drop.  Mulching allows you to spend less time on watering as it conserves moisture.  It also smothers grass and weeds around your tree preventing them from competing for water and nutrients. Let us know if you are ever in need of mulch, and we would be happy to do a chip drop!


Tree Planting

There is no better way to add to your landscape then by planting trees. Paramount Tree Care uses local tree farms, giving you peace of mind that it is the right choice for your particular area. 

It is important to remember that proper tree care with a new tree starts at selection and the care you provide from the moment it is left on your property. All newly planted trees will experience some sort of transplant shock, but with proper care you can reduce this shock and ease your tree through its first year of establishment. 

Our clients are an important part of the tree care process. We will provide you with specific instructions for the ongoing care of your trees, and we will teach you about warning signs that indicate we should be brought back in for a tree evaluation.

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Tree Planting
Oak tree from below made in HDR.jpg

Plant Health Services

At Paramount Tree Care, it's our number one goal to provide property owners with a higher standard of tree care. We are knowledgeable about different soil and landscaping conditions in the area and can help you maintain or restore health and vitality to your property. 

The changing and often harsh weather conditions of the area provide a unique challenge to local trees throughout the year. Your trees are more likely to survive the occurrences without mishap if you invest in a regular tree care routine. 

Our three step process:

  1. Tree Evaluation - assess the health and vitality of your trees and to discuss specific goals you have for your property (outside of lawn care such as weeds). 

  2. Tree Care Recommendations - after our evaluation, we'll have  a good idea of the level of tree care and frequency of treatment required to keep yours healthy. Based on that, we will recommend a course of action, such as tree trimming or tree removal, and a maintenance schedule for your trees. 

  3. Tree Care and Treatment - we use a variety of tree care techniques, including deep root watering and fertilization, and other methods to promote health and growth. 

Plant Health Services
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